The Gentle Touch – for the feel-good factor

Welcome to our new site! With a lot of help from Best Host I have relaunched our website. On this new site we will be updating our News page on a regular basis. You can expect anything to appear here, from Happy Handbags, to Mr Motivator and complementary therapies. Like we say – Kate and I have a very ecliptic site.

This website is a new venture for me as I am very ‘old school’ and struggle with this new fangled technology but I do have an i-phone but the apple-mac was one step to far. This website was almost one step too far but I persevered. I suppose this News page is the equivalent to a blog, and on my other site The Reiki Connection – which has also just been relaunched – I will have an actual Blog tab. I decided against a blog tab on this site as we cover so many different, and sometimes, totally unrelated things!

But, the bottom line is we concentrate on well-being, well-being for ourselves with keeping active with K8fit, to complementary therapies, self-treatments, treatments for you and certified training courses; and finally trying to support the well-being of others through Happy Handbag and Happy bags.

So, as we go along, hopefully you will find things of interest. You are very welcome to Get in touch if you have any questions that our News raises for you, or if you have some related information that you would like to share.

Happy reading