Treatments offered

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The Gentle Touch offer a number of treatments from Reiki to pamper packages. Treatments are held at Manor Hall, Red Brick Building, BS36 2TG.Treatments offered or Reiki, Crystals, Indian Head Massage, Oriental/Rejuvenating Face Massage, Gua Sha Facial Massage, Foot Massage, Hand Massage, Plus, TGT Pamper Packages where the client selects a number of the above treatments to be combined in a total pampering experience.

For new clients there is an initial consultation prior to the first treatment. This session records the clients details and expectations of the treatment. We also run through a basic well-being form regarding health and any health challenges. Follow on sessions records any changes there may have been.

Safety is my main concern and I do ask all my clients to sign this statement as confirmation that you understand and are happy with all information given – and a client consent form which will contain your relevant personal data plus has a ‘well-being’ section.  Any health conditions, or concerns, will be recorded along with any medications you are taking, conventional and complementary. 

Rest assured this information will be stored in line with GDPR and will only be used should a medical emergency arise and there is a need to call for medical assistance.

The venue I use is Manor Hall Annex, BS36 2TG, a self-contained building complete with facilities with free onsite parking.  The building has easy access with no steps or stairs.  Also on site is a much larger building that hosts other activities so there may be some external noise, but you will have the option of having relaxing background music playing.

Treatments offered:

Reiki Healing (registered with TRC,  Reiki Council and CNCH) 

Crystal Healing (registered with TRC/TGT)

Indian Head Massage (registered with TRC/TGT)

Rejuvenating Face Massage (registered with TRC/TGT)

Gua Sha Facial Massage (registered with TRC/TGT)

AbFab Pamper Sessions (mix and match treatments)

Single therapy treatments start at £35 for 45 minutes

Combined and/or Pamper sessions start at £45 for 60 minutes up to £60 for 90 minutes.

Payment for treatments can be made in advance by bank transfer, by card or cash.