Sleep Dynamics

Please see below some info on Oliver Pratt’s new Health Course running in
Chipping Sodbury, South Glos. from mid April.

Oliver says……..

The 7 week course is designed to help people improve their sleep. I run
10 educational lifestyle modules focussed on what you can do to
personalise sleep improvements and maintain the good habits – all
evidenced based. Plus we will be using the very latest in Sleep Aid
technology to enhance the quality of sleep along the way. It’s going to
be a winning combination.

Poor sleep has significant disruption to health and increases the risk
of many noncommunicable diseases.
Improving sleep can have so many benefits and advantages.
Many of these can be easily implemented and maintained once you know
by making these lifestyle changes in conjunction with the very latest in
Sleep Aid technology we improve the overall quality of sleep especially
the much needed deep delta wave sleep.

This will be educational for anyone wanting to improve their own sleep
or support a client to do the same.
I hope this will the first in many educational health workshops that I
intend to run.

People can find out more via
or via Facebook

alt email me
or message 07805258457