Rejuvenating/Oriental Face Massage practioner course

Totally relaxing

Rejuvenating/Oriental Face Massage Full – £145
The day training takes place at Manor Hall

Practitioner courses involve distance learning plus;-
1 day practical, hands on for Rejuvenating Massage

Class size – minimum 2 – maximum 6

Rejuvenating face massageThe course is open to both the experienced practitioner and those taking their first step into the world of Complementary Healthcare. It involves distance learning, tutor marked assignments and a 1-day intense, but fun practical workshop

Rejuvenating Facial Massage Manual

1. Generic section – Distance Learning
Matters of Law
Code of Ethics
Voluntary Self Regulation
Principles of Good Practice
Continual Professional Development
General Health & Safety Guidelines
Skills for Health

2. Generic section Massage A & P – Distance
A & P
Further Reading

3. General
History of G.F.M.

Warm-up exercises
Section 1 Relaxation and Grounding
Section 2 Acupressure Points
Section 3 Neck and Shoulders
Section 4 Face Massage
Section 5 Additional Techniques
Section 6 Lymph Drainage