Rejuvenating/Oriental Face Massage

Rejuvenating Face Massage, often referred to as Oriental Face Massage, is a deeply relaxing facial treatment that blends massage and acupressure techniques from Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan Face Massage.

Everyday facial expressions along with the use of everyday soap can encourage wrinkles to form and the skin to sag, with the face losing its muscle tone and elasticity and facial skin becoming dull.  .

The face massage is gentle and soothes away the days stresses and strains.

There will be gentle massaging of the skin plus light pressure applied to the acupressure points in the face which helps to reduce a build-up of toxins under the skin. 

Having this facial massage can have the effect of creating a natural facelift, especially if a natural facial oi is used to ensure the skin isn’t dragged (a most uncomfortable experience).

The treatment finishes with a very gentle stoking of the skin in the direction of the lymph nodes.  This is termed lymphatic drainage.  The lymph is the clear liquid just under the skins surface that carries toxins and any excess build-up of fluid to the lymph nodes to be processed.  The facial massage is a great way of drain those fluids should they build up in your tissue causing the puffiness.  It also increases blood flow resulting in a glowing skin. 

A good face massage can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, helping with the overall health, condition and appearance of the skin.