My Reiki stories

What does it do?

I thought it would be helpful to include a couple of my experiences of Reiki. I have so many example of how Reiki has helped so m any people but the two examples below are so personal to me…

The first one is from about 18 years ago. I was going to my daughters, staying overnight as her husband was working away. I went straight from work and was greeted at the door by my daughter with a listless 2 year old in her arms. “Mum, please just Reiki him.” He had been poorly for a couple of days and my daughter was trying, unsuccessfully, to cook tea. We went into the front room and I sat him on my lap on the settee and we watched some children’s program on the TV. I placed my hands on his legs and starting giving him Reiki. After a few minutes his 4 year old sister climbed up on to the settee too, cuddling into my one side whilst the cat strolled over, jumped onto the settee by my other side and she, too, cuddled in. We all received Reiki.

About 20 minutes later my daughter called us for tea. I carried my grandson into the dinning room and sat him in his high chair. After not having eaten for a couple of days, he happily munched his way through over half of his dinner. A result! After tea he played happily with his sister until bedtime. He settled down to sleep and we didn’t hear from him till the next morning.

I had stayed over and was sitting on the settee the next morning when he came down. He clambered back on to my lap and I automatically placed my hands on his legs again and started to give him Reiki. “No nanna – no hands.” He carefully lifted each of my hands off his legs and placed them by my side on the settee. He obviously didn’t feel the need of Reiki at that time.

Later on that afternoon my daughter had a few friends round with their small children. All the children were playing out in the garden when we all suddenly heard a crash followed by a scream. Immediately we heard the patter of tiny feet and …….
“Nanna – hands. Hands – quick nanna.” He had fallen of the slide in the garden. In floods of tears he ran straight in to me, again sitting on the settee. He grabbed one of my hands and placed it on his tummy and the second one he placed on his back. He stood quietly for 5 minutes as I gave him Reiki. “O.K. nanna, ‘nough.” He then ran off happily.

He was 2 years old. He didn’t know anything about Reiki.
He did know that when he had a hurt, nanna’s hands made him feel better, and they still do.

This became the norm. If any of the children felt poorly they would ask for “Hands please nanna.” Even now at the ages of 19, 17 and 11 they will still ask for Reiki when they are hurting.

Reiki healing helping catThe second one is something completely different and it involves our cat. Lil’ Cat, when aged 15, was not a sociable cat, never had been – never sitting on laps to be stroked and always running and hiding when friends or grandchildren come to visit.  We noticed she seemed to be under the weather. We managed to entice her to sit on the stairs so my husband to have a look at her to see what was ailing her. We decided to rush her down to the vets as she has what looked like a tear under her front leg. After a ‘discussion’ with the receptionist at the vets they agreed to looking at her even though we hadn’t booked an appointment. She was given a penicillin injection and we had to take her back the next morning for investigating and stitching. She felt very sorry for herself that evening, still refusing to come anywhere near us.

I took her down to the vets the next morning. We had a phone call in the evening to go and pick her up. The top of her leg had been stitched and she was wearing a tee-shirt type jacket to stop her licking her wound. She was quite groggy and just lay on the floor.

After a little while she crept up onto the settee and on to my lap! She had never sat on my lap before in all her 15 years. I started giving her Reiki and she started pressing her hand into the palms of my hands. My husband was absolutely amazed; this was the first time she had ever come to me, other than crying round my feet for food! She stayed on my lap for a whole hour. This happened every evening for the next 4 nights. Needless to say, she made a full recovery.

Now, at the age of 19 (Nov ’23) every evening she comes and sits by my side as soon as I sit on the settee. If she wants Reiki she simply climbs on to my lap and head butts my hands! When she’s had enough she climbs back off my lap and curls up by my side.

She’s a cat. She didn’t know anything about Reiki.
She did know that when she had a hurt, my hands made her feel better, and they still do.

So, 2 very simple examples of Reiki helping in my everyday life.