The magic of crystals

Beauty in a stone

My labradorite

After 20 years of studying and teaching Reiki, in 2018 I finally decided to take my Crystal learning and knowledge to another level.

Like many people offering Reiki treatments, quite early on in my Reiki journey I experimented with adding crystals to the healing experience with quite explosive results, namely the intensity of the energy attained. I took the decision at this point to not only offer Reiki treatments but to continue with my Crystal journey in an ‘organic’ way, taking the odd crystal course as it came my way, experimenting privately and quietly with crystals, buying crystals now and then as the opportunity arose.

Thinking back I’ve had involvement with crystals for about 40 years from the first course and workshop I attended, where I bought my crystal ball, oh and a small malachite cat (which still sits on the mantelpiece in the front room). I’ve built up quite a collection of crystals, ‘polished gemstones’, a quartz crystal ball, a selenite crystal ball and geodes of amethyst along with a silver pendant and matching earrings of the ‘goddess’ holding a moonstone (I’ve been wearing these since before I trained in Reiki!) plus a number of pendant. One of these has a sizeable, uncut piece of Moldivite, another a beautiful Labradorite and very recently a little Sodalite gem. I would give the occasional gem stone to a client at the end of a Reiki treatment if I felt it necessary. Wow, this thinking back has reminded me I also gave my mum, who was living with cancer, an uncut piece of rose quartz that I also often saw her cradling in her hands.

So, what gave me the push I needed to progress my Crystal Pathway? Whilst at a Reiki Council meeting in London some years ago we had a guest at the meeting from a Crystal Organization and they were questioning us on how Reiki Council attained the National Occupational Standards and information on belonging to the CNHC register. (If you are not involved with Reiki and want more details on what I am talking here please just ask and I’ll be happy to tell you all about the Government back Register for Verified Complementary Therapists and Practitioners but it does not directly affect Crystal Practitioners/Therapists).

It seemed that the crystal community of crystal teachers were concerned at the number of Reiki practitioners who were using crystals within their Reiki but had no crystal training what-so-ever. This made me think even more about my small involvement with crystal and Reiki and I had some sympathy for their concerns.

Prompted by this I started looking for a crystal course for me to attend to revitalise and up-date my journey and to combine using crystals with my Reiki, if this was what clients and students wanted.

I searched for a couple of years but the courses running were too far away from me and very expensive. I continued with doing online courses expanding my crystal knowledge, including a course of Crystals for Reiki Masters. Then finally I found some suitable workshops/courses in Glastonbury to attend. These courses cemented all I had been learning over the past 40 years.

So, here I am, offering courses containing all the knowledge and training I have acquired.

Tibetan Quartz
My Tibetan quartz

From my learning process I took the decision to offer my crystal courses as a progression. I wanted my students to have a good grounding in crystals and handling crystals before thinking of becoming a Crystal Therapist/Practitioner. That is why if anyone does want to train with me to be a Crystal ‘Healer’ they must, unless they have very good knowledge of crystals, do my Introduction to Crystals to start their Crystal journey. This course is informative with many crystals, including Phantom Crystals, to study. We have fun, especially when it comes to using a dowsing rod – this often produces many unexpected results!

Crystals are an ‘energy’ based practice. We all have our own individual energy. Some energies work fantastically with each other, some not quite as compatible. You will be drawn to the crystal teacher who is right for you. Go with the flow and trust your intuition!

Successful students of any/all of my courses can obtain Practitioner insurance through Balens Insurance, provided they are a member of The Reiki Connection/The Gentle Touch Organization. Please enquire if you want details of Practitioner Membership (membership starts at £30 per year)

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