K8Fit - Fitness trainer

K8FIT with Kate

L – Little
I – Ideas
F – For
E – Exercise

Jog on the spot whilst waiting for the kettle to boil
Always take the stairs
Don’t use your arms to push yourself up out of the chair
Join my Zoom class!

Group and/or individual fitness training
Mr Motivator Club with K8Fit -Kate is part of Mr Motivator’s team!
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K8Fit - Fitness motivator

Why choose K8Fit Zoom fitness classes?

Keeping a regular fitness programme, K8Fit Zoom have 8 classes for all abilities at the same times every week.

With Zoom, you have interaction with the instructor as it is live.

All you need is a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

With K8Fit Zoom, a reminder is sent 30 minutes before the class starts.

You can switch your camera off if you’d rather not be seen.

As winter draws in, you can do your exercise inside, anyone in your household can join in at no extra cost and you need very little space.

So, if you’d like to just try it out, send me a message and you can do a free trial, what have you got to lose!

Regular exercise is so important for body and mind.