Jeanne Long B.E.M.

I am a busy mum and nana of 15!

After being introduced to Reiki in 1999 I decided this was a practice that I felt really comfortable with and I had the immediate desire to teach Reiki. By 2002 I had brought a number of people into Reiki so decided to start The Reiki Connection organisation for my students.

A very short time later, through the mysterious workings of Reiki I found myself working with the Reiki Regulatory Working Group on the proposed National Occupational Standards for giving Reiki in professional settings.  This working group is now the Reiki Council, and until very recently – resigning in October 2023 due to other demands, I was the Chair and Head of Verification.

All my students are registered with the Reiki Connection which shows that they have received traditional Reiki, in person, and have a genuine Reiki lineage.


I have been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 20 years.  Indian Head Massage and Rejuvenating Face Massage followed a few years later and then Crystals.  I now offer Gua Sha treatments and training.

I write and teach my own courses which, if successfully completed, can be insured through Balens Insurance.

As mentioned above, I am Head of the Reiki Connection organisation which is a founder member organisation of the Reiki Council. Plus, previously, Chair to the Reiki Council.

There is a Government backed register for Complementary Therapies which includes Reiki, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNH), and I represent Reiki Practitioners on this board and am the local CNHC Champion.


Reiki Master Teacher – 2000
City & Guild Further Adult Education Teaching Certificate – 2000
Head of The Reiki Connection – 2002
Open University Certificate in Social Science – 2004
Open University Certificate in Health Promotion – 2006
Treasurer of The Reiki Regulatory Working Group – 2006
Open University Bachelor of Science Degree – 2007
Treasurer of the Reiki Council – 2008
Reiki Council/C.N.H.C Verified Reiki Professional Practitioner – 2012
Reiki Council/CNHC Verified Reiki Courses – 2012
Reiki Representative on CNHC Professional Specific Board – 2015
Head of Verification for Reiki Council – 2018
Chair of Reiki Council – 2020 to Oct 2023
CNHC Local Champion 2021

Jeanne Long