Introduction to crystals course 

Crystal shapes. Learn about these in Introduction to Crystals course

The foundation course for learning to work with Crystals (on line & distance learning available, optional workshop)

So, here I am, offering courses containing all the knowledge and training I have acquired.

From my learning process I took the decision to offer my crystal courses as a progression. I wanted my students to have a good grounding in crystals and handling crystals before thinking of becoming a Crystal Therapist/Practitioner.

To train with me to be a Crystal ‘Healer’ I prefer that my Introduction to Crystals starts your Crystal journey, unless you already a great understanding and experience of crystals. If this is the case then this is to be evidenced.

This course is informative with many crystals, including Phantom Crystals, to study.

We have fun, especially when it comes to using a dowsing crystal – this often produces many unexpected results!

£165 to include 1-day workshop, manuals and crystals  + Distance learning – PDF manual + questionnaire/test sheet to be completed
venue – Manor Hall, BS36 2TG
 (to include kit, book and manual).

Successful student of the distance learning course are then eligible for the Crystal Practitioner course. The Practitioner course is taught in person for personal instruction and assessment, and is eligible for Balens insurance.

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Chemical composition of gemstones

What are crystals?
The chemical compounds of crystals including hardness
Crystal composition – compounds/groups/rough/tumble
Crystal shapes and forms
Locally sourced crystals
Treated, engineered crystal
Crystal energy – Piezoelectricity
Charging your crystals
Choosing your crystals
Caring for your crystals
Techie bits
Rare crystals
Working with crystals
Health and safety with crystals
Working with a pendulum
Crystals associated with the Chakras
Energy fields
Energy protection
Cutting off
Interesting websites to help build your knowledge

Optional Practical Workshop – dependant on in-person course or distance learning
Choosing your crystals – in-person course
Identifying the energy fields – aura
Working with a locally sourced crystal pendulum
Working with Chakras