Gua Sha Treatments

Gua Sha is an adapted traditional Eastern treatment using specially designed tools to give an energising effleurage facial massage.
Unlike many traditional Eastern methods, Facial Gua Sha does not use extreme, scraping pressure.

A Gua sha facial massage encourages collagen production in the skin, which then strengthens skin cells. The gentle sweeping movements allow inflammation to drain and muscles to relax.  It also helps the skin return to its most radiant state as circulation is increased, sending nutrients to areas that may have been starved because of blockage. 

The facial finishes with Lymph drainage to assist in the removal of any toxins that may have been released.

Treatments are offered in Manor Hall, BS36 2TG

Natural skin care products are used, or you are free to bring your own.

Start at 60 minute – £45 to 90 Minutes – £60