Generous donations to Happy Handbag

20 carriers/sacks of clothing, curtains, coats etc plus gifts to Nelsons Trust Swindon 12th Feb. Unusually high amount of new stuff. Thanks to all who donated.

The staff were astounded and so appreciative and I expect their clients will be even more so. Can you imagine someone who has virtually nothing with everything they have being second, or third hand, to then be given a brand new pair of cosy pyjamas or jersey or perfume. There was also unwanted raffle prizes donated. It shows kindness. It shows that people do care. Luxury gift boxes are not spilt up, they are donated in their entirety as these can be given to their clients as a birthday present.

Happy Handbag doesn’t just supply happy handbags and basic everyday essential hygiene items, we accept all suitable donations. All are then dispatched through Service Providers…

Please Get in Touch – but also please remember that it is just me and I don’t have the capacity to come round collecting small amounts. If you want to donate why not ask around your family and friends and see if they want to too? I do my best to cover the Gloucester/Bristol/Swindon area.