Crystals Plus with Jeanne

Amethyst Crystals with JeanneCrystal Courses with Jeanne

Plus Indian Head Massage, Rejuvenating Face Massage,
Gua Sha Facial Massage and 
Adult Teacher Training
Training is carried out in a COVID secure building at
Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath, BS36 2TG 

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Introduction to Crystals - Please enquire

Crystal Practitioner - Friday 9th September 2022

All crystals provided in the free crystal kits, and some are offered for sale. All the crystal courses are personally selected by me from our friendly Crystal Wholesaler just 8 miles away.
This is still a whole day trip for me as it is crystal paradise and I take sooooo loooooong selecting the  crystals!

Above is my magical Labradorite

Crystal Courses

Crystals are an 'energy' based practice. 
We all have our own individual energy.  Some energies work fantastically with each other, some not quite as compatible. 
You will be drawn to the crystal teacher who is right for you. 
Go with the flow and trust your intuition!

The Crystal Discovery (Introduction to Crystals) 
Crystal Healing - Practitioner
Reiki Healing & Crystals - Practitioner
Expand your Crystal Awareness (Intuition)
The Crystal Teacher

The Crystal Discovery (Introduction to Crystals) course is also available as distance/online learning with unique, personal tuition.

All courses and workshops come complete with selected crystal kits!
You choose your crystals on the day

With the Crystal Practitioner you receive  a professional Chakra kit

Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

Plus a book, other crystals and manual

Indian Head Massage + Rejuvenating Face Massage

Both these disciplines involve the massaging of the shoulders, neck, head and face.

Either Practitioner courses involve a distance learning manual in 4 modules:

  1. General - points of law, health and safety etc
  2. Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Being a professional practitioner
  4. Either Practical Indian Head Massage or Practical Rejuvenating Face Massage

1 day practical, hands on training 

There is:-

  1. a practical assessment on the day
  2. a written test sheet for each of the manual modules

Classes are very small to ensure maximum teacher support

Adult Teacher Trainer Course

Teaching Adult Training Course

If you are a Therapist or Practitioner have you thought of teaching what you practice?

This is often the next step and is such a rewarding thing to do.  You teach and support students to enjoy doing what you have been doing

It involves distance learning plus a practical presentation, a 1-2-1 session and a teaching session to a small group

Insurance on allcourse is offered by Balen insurance (subject to criteria being met)

Successful students of any/all of my courses can obtain Practitioner insurance through Balens Insurance, provided they are a member of The Reiki Connection/The Gentle Touch Organisation. 
Please enquire if you want details of Practitioner Membership (membership starts at £35 per year.) 

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