IHM treatment / session

Get in touchIt must be noted that there are no UK law concerning the giving of an Indian head massage treatment..

I am a member of The Gentle Touch/Reiki Connection organisation and as such I follow their Codes of Practice and Ethics for CAM practitioners.   I do not diagnose, perform medical procedures or profess to heal but offer a calming environment to encourage the body and mind to relax. It’s advisable to wear clothing allowing accessibility to shoulder and neck for massage.

Where massage/skincare products are used it will only be on the neck and shoulder areas and these will be natural products free from parabens, but you are welcome to bring your own products if you wish. I do not use any oil whilst massaging the scalp, or on the hair. 

You have the choice of the session whist lying on a couch, though it will be difficult to massage the shoulders, a seated massage chair or a general hard chair – both of these options can include a shoulder massage.

I have been a practitioner, and adult teacher, for over 20 years, holding qualifications in all the treatments, and training, that I offer.  My certificates are available if you wish to see them.

Safety is my main concern and I do ask all my clients to sign this statement as confirmation that you understand and are happy with all information given – and a client consent form which will contain your relevant personal data plus has a ‘well-being’ section.  Any health conditions, or concerns, will be recorded along with any medications you are taking, conventional and complementary. 

Rest assured this information will be stored in line with GDPR and will only be used should a medical emergency arise and there is a need to call for medical assistance.

The venue I use is Manor Hall Annex, BS36 2TG, a self-contained building complete with facilities with free onsite parking.  The building has easy access with no steps or stairs.  Also on site is a much larger building that hosts other activities so there may be some external noise, but you will have the option of having relaxing background music playing.

Sessions are:
30 minutes – £30
45 Minutes – £35
60 minutes – £40

Payment for treatments can be made in advance by bank transfer, by card or cash.

For more information or to book a session Get in Touch