Adult teacher trainer course

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Adult teacher – trainer certificate

This course is ideal for those wanting to take their field of learning, experience and expertise further.

If you are an experienced Practitioner or Therapist this could be your next step! Teaching what you practice.

£245.00. Full manual, instruction and on-going assessment given.

There is a £45 charge for the final assessment and certification.

Adult Education – Teacher-Trainer Course

This course is very flexible and can start at any time. It is a combination of Distance Learning plus Practical – see Course Syllabus below

The schedule may well change to accommodate COVID restrictions. Also the student is to arrange the group micro teaching session with the support of the teacher. Ask for more details.

You may already have qualifying credits (hours and/or financial) for this course if you have attended TRC training or workshops – please enquire

Course Syllabus

This course is ideal for those wanting to take their field of learning, experience and expertise further

Identify teaching styles
Planning courses, lessons and workshops, taking into account: the learning needs of group, or individual –
aims and objectives structure, content, timing
Selecting learning materials, and use equipment competently Assessment and evaluation methods
Identifying and managing a varied learning group – learning styles, learning aptitudes, personalities
Distance and self learning
Portfolio building
Acknowledgement of National Occupational Standards (therapies only)
Acknowledgement of Core Curriculum (therapies only)
Evaluate own teaching
Reflective practice for teacher and student
Learning structure
In person teaching/training/support in the form of individual and/or group workshops.
1-2-1’s and shadowing.
An average of 30 hours distance learning

During this time, the student attends workshops and gives an assessed:
Group presentation (presentation skills)
Micro teaching session (teaching a group skills)
1-2-1 micro teaching session (confidence in 1-2-1 teaching)
There is also Distance and Self Learning to be done with this course.


This course is accepted by Balens Insurance as an adult teaching qualification.

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