The Crystal Practitioner

Crystal Healing

as a Practitioner

This course has a manual for distance learning, a practical workshop, additional crystals (to build your crystal tool chest) and a professional Chakra crystal kit (kits may vary but will always contain the Profesional Chakra kit and manual).

The prerequisite for this course is the Introduction to Crystals course or similar.
With this course we concentrate on the Chakra points of the body, the 7 previously identified, plus newly identified Chakra points. 
There are set formats to follow, these formats helping to build your confidence in delivering a crystal healing treatment.

£145 to include Crystal Kit - book - manual
(Additional crystals will be available to purchase)

Generic Therapist/Practitioner modules:

Matters of Law
Anatomy and physiology
Being a professional Practitioner/Therapist

Crystal Module:
Crystal Practitioner
Client security and safety
Entering a client’s energy field
Additional Chakras
Chakra balancing
A treatment on a couch
A treatment seated


Choosing your professional crystal Chakra kit
Working with a wand
Working of the self
Crystals and the chakras
Crystal Healing treatments
Crystal Chakra Meditation

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