Rejuvenating Face Massage

Rejuvenating/Oriental Face Massage

Totally relaxing
Rejuvenating/Oriental Face Massage Full - £145

The day training takes place at Manor Hall

Practitioner courses involve distance learning plus;-
1 day practical, hands on for Rejuvenating Massage

Class size - minimum 2 - maximum 6

The course is open to both the experienced practitioner and those taking their first step into the world of Complementary Healthcare.
It involves distance learning, tutor marked assignments and a 1-day intense, but fun practical workshop

Rejuvenating Facial Massage Manual
1. Generic section – Distance Learning
Matters of Law
Code of Ethics
Voluntary Self Regulation
Principles of Good Practice
Continual Professional Development
General Health & Safety Guidelines
Skills for Health
2. Generic section Massage A & P – Distance
A & P
Further Reading
3. General
History of G.F.M.

Warm-up exercises
Section 1 Relaxation and Grounding
Section 2 Acupressure Points
Section 3 Neck and Shoulders
Section 4 Face Massage
Section 5 Additional Techniques
Section 6 Lymph Drainage

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