Reiki Training Dates

These dates could be subject to change in the pandemic

Many thanks to Maurice Bishop - Lynmouth artist for the use of the above picture

Elements of Reiki training can be carried out by e-learning and some in-person Zoom sessions.  However there will always be the offer of the in-person training and in-person attunements at set training days - when restrictions are lifted.  These in-person sessions are crucial for any Reiki training for a person to progress to Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master teacher.  

E-learning can be taken at any time, as can Zoom sessions.

The costs of the Reiki Course include in-person training.  All in-person training is subject to COVID19 restrictions.

Reiki 1(including Reiki Refresher)

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th June 2021
Manor Hall - Coalpit Heath - BS36 2TG

COVID Restrictions apply.

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