Reiki Lineage

What is a Reiki Lineage?

A Lineage is your Reiki Family tree with all branches of your training and the training before you branching back to Mikao Usui.
Mikao Usui (15th August 1865 - 9th March 1926)

Mikoa Usui Accredited Reiki training

Usui taught his system of healing - Reiki - to about 20 of his students who became Reiki Master Teachers

For the West the most notable of these is

Dr Chujiro Hayashi (15th September 1980 - 10th May 1940)

Dr Hayashi Mikoa Usui Accredited Reiki training

Dr Hayashi taught, and attuned, the Usui system of healing to 4 identified Reiki Masters

Shou Matsui  -  Wasaburo Sugano  -  Chiyoko Yamaguchi  -  Hawayo Takata (nee Kawamura)

All of the above occured in Japan with Japanese students

Mrs Hawayo Takata
Mrs Takata Mikoa Usui Accredited Reiki training
'Western Reiki'

Mrs Hawayo Takata attuned 22 of her students to Reiki Master Teacher level

The more well known of these are
Kay Yamashita (Mrs Takata's sister)
John Harvey Gray
Beth Gray
Fran Brown
Iris Ishikuro (Mrs Takata's friend and cousin)
Phyllis Lei Furumoto (Mrs Takata's granddaughter) 
Bethel Phaigh
Wanja Twan
Paul (David) Mitchell (still teaching Traditional Takata Reiki in U.S.A.)
Mary McFayden
Rick Bockner (still teaching Traditional Takata Reiki in U.S.A.)

This Reiki training is classed as Traditional Takata Reiki
All student training is carried out in person 
All students have a lineage that includes Mrs Takata

Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi
Mrs Yamaguchi Mikoa Usui Accredited Reiki training
'Japanese/Eastern Reiki'

Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi carried on the traditional Hayashi Reiki
when it was believed in the West that that Reiki was no longer being
used in Japan.

Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi taught Reiki to her son Tado Yamaguchi
and to Frank Arjava Petter (from Germany, now Greece)

Together they formed Jikiden Reiki Institute
based in Japan, now with an organisation in the UK
Jikiden Reiki UK

Wasaburo Sugano was the uncle of Chiyoko Tamaguchi

One other 'Japanese /Eastern' Reiki lineages known in the
UK is that of Hiroshi Doi
His lineage is Usui - Taketom - Koyama - Doi

Mrs Hawayo Takata (24th December 1900 - 11th December 1980)
then brought Reiki firstly to Hawaii in 1937
Then to the U.S.A followed by Europe and then the UK

A list of her Reiki Master is above.  These include:

Iris Ishikuro (in my lineage)

Iris Ishikuro Mikoa Usui Accredited Reiki training

and Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Phyllis Lei Furmoto Mikoa Usui Accredited Reiki training

And so the Reiki tree grows and grows, spreading its branches far and wide.

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