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Reiki Symbols and Distance Healing
Reiki 11

Reiki 11 expands your Reiki awareness and takes in the Reiki Symbols and Distance Healing 
It is thought of as being both spiritual development plus the giving of Reiki to a wider circle of people 
You have the opportunity to learn the meanings of the symbols and how to draw them
You will also be shown, and practice, various Distance Healing methods
Reiki 11 is the minimum requirement should you wish to progress to Reiki Professional Practitioner (RPP)
A manual is provided
A certificate is issued

Reiki Practitioner insurance is available at this level

Reiki 11 training is 1 day or 2 evenings with on-going support.  Reiki Manuals and Handbook included, plus Reiki 11 Certificate issued plus verified lineage certificate.

Reiki 11 training courses 

4th July 2022
4thAugust 2022
3rd November 2022

Reiki 11 is £245

A Reiki 11 refresher course is available at a cost of £95 when taken with a traditional Reiki 11 training  This is useful for CPD and also if COVID has restricted your Reiki development  

For Reiki Connection paid-up members the refresher course is £75

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