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ORG History

The Open Reiki Group was initially founded in the early 2000's by Reiki Master Teacher Leonie Clark.  This was at the time of the initial talks on Government voluntary self regulation for practitioners and therapists. 


The Open Reiki Group joined forces with The Reiki Connection in 2004 becoming ORG/TRC.  The group was a platform on the Reiki Council for those practicing Reiki, but were not members of any Reiki organisation, could be kept in the loop regarding self regulation, and be able to offer their thoughts and questions.  I took the reigns totally in 2005.  The road to Reiki verification was long and hard and as we progressed along it became apparent that any Reiki practitioners wishing to practice Reiki in the professional setting of hospice etc. would have set criteria to adhere to, criteria that members of The Open Reiki Group could not comply with and so the group was put on hold......

That was then.  This is now.

As Connect2Reiki I have always followed the guidelines of The Reiki Connection (TRC) and the Reiki Council and membership to TRC has required the set criteria of in-person training, recognised lineage and in-person attunements.  

Now COVID19 has brought about so many restrictions around in-person training I'm looking at reviving the Open Reiki Group to support the hundreds of people now doing online Reiki training with distant attunements.  Also those Reiki practitioners who do not have recognised lineage and/or hold insurance.

As it stands these students will NOTbe able to apply for:- 

  1. Full TRC membership
  2. Reili Council Professional Practitioner certification
  3. CNHC Practitioner registration
  4. CNHC Course registration
  5. Practitioner insurance through Balens

COVID is forcing organisations to re-think the traditional ways.

This is a new experience for me, to re-evaluate the value of online courses.  I am looking at a way of personal online training on Zoom.
Watch this space.

But remember, for those Reiki Practitioners who wish to take their Reiki to conventional medical institutions, full in-person training will be required with no exceptions.

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