Open Reiki Group

Open Reiki Group 


TRC Open membership is new.  It is an affiliated membership to TRC for those in Reiki who do not meet the criteria for full TRC membership.

Open Reiki membership is open to anyone actively involved in Reiki.  It is intended to provide a support system for information, queries and support in a more informal manner - however Open Reiki Group does have a Code of Practice and a Code of Ethics to sign up to.  Information sent to TRC members will also be sent to Open Reiki Group members keeping members up-to-date with any legislation that might be required (e.g. during COVID), news and developments in Reiki and such like.

There will also be opportunities to develop Reiki to meet the criteria for the giving of Reiki in a Professional setting, should that be the way the member decided to go.

Open Reiki membership is £10.00 initial registration plus £20 p.a. membership fee, renewable every January.

Contact us for more details.

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