Intuitive Shamanic Crystal Practitioner

Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner

Go with the flow.w.w.w.w.w.w
 Intuitive crystals (shaman) 

This course has a manual for distance learning, a practical workshop and additional crystals (to build your crystal tool chest). 

The prerequisites for this course are:

Introduction to Crystals course or similar

Whereas the Crystal Practitioner course is based on the Chakras and specific crystals for each one, this course is based more on the traditional American Indian and Shamanistic way of working. 
Yes we still work with the Chakras but they take more of a back seat as we start to work with intuition and, often, psychic ability.

£165 including a selection of special crystals 

Additional crystals will be available to purchase

My piece of Tibetan Quartz.  
How do you tell the difference between all the clear quartz?
Do my course to find out!


Building your crystal tool kit
What is intuition?
What does Shamanistic mean?
Are Shamen restricted to America?
What influence do the American Indians have on working with crystals?
Building your confidence
Holding space
Using your intuition


Choosing your crystals
A Shamanic crystal healing demonstration 
Trusting your intuition
Student practice

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