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How we work
Happy Handbag Scheme 

Happy Handbag is a private, not for profit, scheme set up by Jeanne Long, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol,to provide a handbag containing ladies personal items to women 
in time of great hardship and/or homelessness.  The majority of handbags donated are given directly to a lady in a 
crisis situation, through a local service provider or charity.

With the Covid situation it is very difficult to have the collection points open.
If you have a number of items you wish to donate please contact us on the form below.

Aim: to provide a handbag to lady in times of extreme hardship or homelessness


To receive donations of a handbag, initially for ladies, containing everyday essential hygiene products
To identify genuine outlets in Bristol/Gloucester/Swindon for these bags to be distributed to those in need
To set up a supply link of donations via word of mouth and Facebook
To expand donations received to include clothing in a Happy Bag
To set up drop off points for donated handbags

How the scheme works:

A person has a handbag that is no longer in use
The person puts lady related personal items into the handbag and drops it off to a designated collection point if possible
If this is not possible then why not do a local collection to make it feasible for Happy Handbag to collect direct?
The handbag is checked, with additional items being added if necessary, then given to a legitimate, approved Service Provider
The donations log page is updated

Points to note:
All handbags donated will be distributed through a legitimate, recognized organization
It is hoped that the handbag contents will be donated by the handbag donor
Donations of product to fill the handbags are gratefully received - we have hundreds of bags waiting to be filled!
Happy Handbag is now at a stage where funding is required for running costs  and for purchasing items to fill handbags that are donated without contents.
We have introduced a system whereby empty handbags donate - if a high end brand - may be sold on to gain funds for the scheme.

This scheme has been expanded to include Happy Bag for all.

For more details, or if you would like to make a monitory donation please use the contact form below

PLEASE BE AWARE, WE ARE NOT A BIG ORGANISATION, just me with couple of helpers.

Contact Jeanne

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