Happy Handbag News

Happy Handbag News

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13th May 2021
15 beautifully filled Happy Handbags
(all donated by Sue from Longlevens who made it her mission to do this through Covid!!)
plus 5 brilliantly filled Happy Bowls with crockery/cutlery/cleaning materials etc
(from Crystal Classics Thornbury)
plus 6 Happy sacks to a new site in St Pauls

10th May 2021
16 Happy Handbags and 6 sacks to Link House Bristol


Huge Thanks to Big Yellow Storage, Eastern Avenue Gloucester
without whose help in storing empty handbags and items
Happy Handbag would not still be operating.


18 Happy Handbags and 10 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust, Swindon.

I am looking at building a local network of Happy Handbag volunteer helpers
If you have time on your hands, enthusiasm and a little bit of spare space would you like to be a Happy Handbag Local Contact?
If this is of interest to you please contact me on the form below.

05/11/2021 - Thank you Sarah Honeywill, Fabrics Plus shop in Downend
The KNit and Knatter Group have focused on knitting and crocheting a great number of scarves and hats
These will be so appreciated.

04/11/2020 - Nelson Trust in Gloucester will still be receiving Happy Handbags - they are needed more than ever now. 28 Happy Handbags going up tomorrow along with some carrier bags containing little gifts of nail varnishes, new purses, pieces of jewellery etc that kind people have been donating.

03/11/2020 - Thank You Standbrook Guides (Residents Handbook) and Big Yellow Storage Gloucester for your continued support through these very difficult times.

03/11/2020 - Going back down into lockdown!

 24/10/2020 - Nelson Trust have put a call out for new, unworn ladies underwear.  Please message me if you can help.

Due to the current situation in regards to COVID19 the usual Happy Handbag collection points will be closed until further notice however Tesco, Quedegeley, Gloucester are happy to accept TOILETRIES and HANDBAGS FILLED WITH THE SPECIFIED TOILETRIES at their CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK

We have plenty of empty handbags collected pre-virus in storage with Big Yellow in Gloucester.

Happy Handbag are continuing to fill the bags for urgent Service Provider cases.

Hopefully these measures will stop the demise of Happy Handbag  and the support we are able to offer those in crisis though
Service Providers.

20.02.2019 - Going to start this off with Ferne, who I think is, our youngest supporter and fundraiser. 
She decided to hold a sale, selling some of her toys, in an effort to raise funds for Happy Child Bags. 
She went to her teacher and asked if she could hold the sale after school one afternoon, in the school playground and the answer was 'yes'. 
She drew a poster and the school put it in the newsletter.
She gave out invitations to all the children in the school (only 56 children, a very small village school!). 
Generously Tesco Yate and Quedgeley added a few times to her items.

A picture of her stall is on the Sponsors page

She raised £55 plus received a voucher from Tesco, Yate for £20.

I accompanied her shopping on Sunday to buy the products for the bags.  She wanted every bag to contain a couple of toys plus 'sensible stuff' all specific children's products - toothpaste/brush; 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner; shower gel and wet wipes.
She then made up 12 Happy Child Bags!

The bags were taken to Family Haven in Gloucester.

29/03/2018 - NOTICE
Some people never fail to astound me with their kindness and generosity.
Very many thanks to 'Pendlebury' of Wigan by Manchester who posted down to Happy Handbags, handbags complete with products!! I wonder if they know Pamela from Manchester who also posted down handbags with products at the beginning of the year.  Or is it the same person??
Whoever it is in Manchester who is spreading the word 'Thank You' from the ladies in crisis down here in the South West.
Maybe one day we can get Happy Handbag set up in your area.
Thank you so, so much 'Pendlebury' and Pamela.

30/11/2017 I was on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on 30th Nov explaining about Happy Handbag.  The morning show.

22/11/2017 Another amazing day in Tesco Extra - this time Quedgeley. I met some lovely, generous people and am just about to start unloading a very full car of donations! A few special thanks; to the ladies who donated  toiletries and bags, to the 2 gentlemen who each made a monitory donation to buy products for the handbags and, after school turnout, the beautiful young girl (age 13?) and, at another time, the charming boy (again about 12/13)
who I saw just walk up and put some money in the collection bucket. There are very many kind and caring people !!
Thank you all.......

17/11/2017 Many thanks to BULLFISH CHARITY FAYRE where more donations were received.

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