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 Gua Sha  


Gua Sha FacialTreatments and Training from Crystal Clear

With Jeanne and Gill

Gua Sha Facial Massage.  Ttreatments and training.

In-person training courses, maximum 6 students in a course with Jeanne and Gill working together to ensure you have
individual attention/training/practice

The Gentle Touch Crystal Clear Gua Sha is an adapted traditional Eastern treatment using specially designed
tools to give an energising effleurage facial massage. 
Unlike many traditional Eastern methods, Crystal Clear Gua Sha does not use extreme, scraping pressure. 

FREE KIT PROVIDED on the training course:

                                                       Crystal Kit free on crystal Practitioner and Gua Sha training courses with The Gentle Touch       +      Gua Sha stone - tool facial massage     +     gua Sha face massage roller       +     Thumb crystal  Gua Sha facial massage

Professional Chakra crystal kit + Gua Sha tool + Gua Sha roller + Thumb crystal


Amazing skincare kit - to include


Successful students on this course will receive a Crystal Clear - Gua Sha Facial Massage Certificate

(Certificates are accepted by Balens for insurance purposes)

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